My first blog piece.. as a guest writer. Hope you all enjoy.


The following is a guest piece from: apieceofpandemonium:

I’ve been asked by SudoOne to write this post as it’s a special occasion as it’s the 100th post! What a honour I hold and I hope to do SudoOne justice.

So why Four Weddings?

Weddings are a joyous occasion however unfortunatley for me, (or rather my bank balance) I have reached an age where a fair few of my friends are getting enagged/ married.  Next year alone I have 4 to attend, so what does this mean for me?

  • Engagement Party
  • Hen Do
  • Wedding Outfit: dress/ shoes/ fascinator/ handbag/ seamless underwear (no I am not kidding)
  • Accomodation (plus flights if abroad)
  • Wedding Gift

Myself and SudoOne spoke at length around what it is weddings mean and have they in fact lost that meaning?

TV shows such as:

Don’t Tell The Bride:- said bride and groom are split for 3 weeks, no communication allowed. Groom…

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