Day 3 of 28DW- Microwave Brownie

I think the Great British Bake Off has inspired more of us to start home baking once more. I mean why buy stuff already made when you can have fun baking at home? It’s fun; you can be creative, satisfying that you have made something and a great way to spend your time. Below is a very easy recipe if you’re new to baking, need to sweet craving fix or just want minimal mess.

I’ve seen the below on Twitter and via an email a friend sent a recipe for a microwave brownie, have increased the amount of water usage as I found mine too dry. NB where it says tablespoon, make sure it’s a heaped one.
Equipment you will need:

  • A cup
  • Tablespoon
  • Microwave
  • The recipe:
  • 2x tbl of plain flour
  • 2x tbl of sugar
  • 1x tbl of coco
  • 2x tbl of water
  • 1x tbl of olive oil

Put that in a cup, mix it all together and if it appears too dry add some more water. Stick in the microwave for 1 minute and 40 seconds ..Tada ready to eat.

The ones I have seen online say you can have it with cream, ice cream etc. But me being me I just eat it straight out of the cup as it is. Quick, easy and minimal washing up.
Enjoy and try not to get too hooked into having this several times a day….



Please check out the work of my fellow 28DW voyagers at The Resident Weeble and Sudo One

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