Day 5 of 28DW Liebster Award

I was delighted to be nominated by ‘Be The Better Me’ for the Liebster Award, after only publishing a few pieces, I must be doing something right. So after reading more about this award on ‘Be The Better Me’ blog, I have 5 questions that she has asked me in which I need to answer. Please see my questions and answers below:

Where would you travel to in the world and why?
I would love to go to South America, the different landscapes, culture and history. Hopefully I will be going end of this year start of next, money dependent.

What makes you happy?
Messing around with my friends. This can involve throwing some dodgy dance moves, singing badly, having deep conversations or hanging upside down, it’s always fun.

What is your favourite sweet treat?
Chocolate cornflake cakes, I will stick a recipe up in a future post.

How often do you let your hair down?
Hmm, I’m like a big kid majority of the week, most days I let my hair down

What movie makes you dream?
Please don’t stop reading my blog at the answer I’m about to give…Mama Mia. I fell in love with the stage show before the film was out, so it already had a head start. Now is several things, a love of ABBA songs, the humour, Julie Walters, fun story line, singing and dancing on a Greek Island with your friends and of course Pierce Brosnan’s awful singing. Cringe worthy, laughable and just so awful it’s brilliant; only topped by him in colourful flares in the closing credits dancing to Waterloo.

Now for me to do my part, I also have to come up with 5 questions for 5 bloggers I follow. I’m still having a think at the moment as to the questions and also who I would like to ask them too. I’ve only been doing this for 5 days properly, so I want to make sure I nominate some cracking undiscovered writers. Watch this space and will have the questions and nominees at the end of the week.

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