Day 6 of 28DW Childish Moments

Good day readers and fellow bloggers, what have I got for you today? Childish humour!

I am what can only be described as big kid, this also goes for my sense of humour, I can be sniggering and double up crying with laughter at the most childish things and yet other items of humour go right over my head, mainly sarcasm and any one liners. By the time the person has had to explain this to me the joke, it is destroyed and I’ve come up with a list of reasons as to why that isn’t funny or accurate.

Around a year ago The Resident Weebler and SudoOne were playing a game; I asked if I could join in and I was allowed. The game itself is naming your poo after a film title; I was in my element and doubled up laughing.
Tropic Thunder
The Rocky horror show

You can see where this is going…

I then went to lunch the following day with 2 female friends and explained the game to them, both were doubled up laughing and we continued this game over group text well into the next day.

Mrs Brown
Curse of the Black Pearl

Now some of you might be reading this thinking ‘that’s appalling and disgusting why would want to play such a stupid game?’ I tell you why because it’s fun!

Laughter is a good medicine, everyone should be encouraged to laugh each day and even better if you’re in a group all sharing the same giggle, it is infectious, reduces stress and releases endorphins.

My challenge for you today is to play the Poo game, have a good snigger and see how much more uplifted you feel. I’ve started you off with a few film titles, go forth spread your wings and laugh like a fool. I want to hear about the film titles you and your friends come up with.

By Ton Zijlstra [CC-BY-SA-2.0 (, via Wikimedia Commons

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