Day 15 of 28DW – The North / South Divide

Apologies, I know I’ve been slack at this one a day blog post, but there are very good reasons for this and I will still be hammering out 28 days worth of blogs and continuing with the fun.

Now I am a true Southern Softie, I feel the cold, am convinced that nothing works outside the South East of England and that young boys up north still sweep chimneys (I’m kidding on that last bit). Part of this is because until my previous job, I had been up north twice in my entire life. I’d been on holiday in the South West to various parts of Devon and Cornwall but never the north. Couple of reasons for this:

  • I have no family outside of the London area who reside in this country, no excuse to visit
  • As a child you go on holiday with your parents- hence the yearly excursions to Cornwall
  • In the UK, majority of people go on holiday for warmer weather tend to head south or abroad

People who meet me might think that I hold the view anything above Watford is the north- not quite right, but I would say the Watford Gap services is the border for the Midlands and anything further up is North.

This weekend I was away visiting a friend in the Midlands- Derby. This was my second visit there to see her, but the first visit where I went out and explored the area.

The most obvious difference is people are friendly, much more friendly. They take more pride in English/ British goods, supporting their farmers and local trade (Denby Pottery). There are independent shops and not the chain store clone town look that so many high streets have in the south east. The markets are massive, selling fresh and reasonably priced local food: I didn’t once see a Tesco’s and where I live there are 3 within a 2 mile radius. People seem genuinely happier, simpler way of life not having to keep up with fast pace consumerism? We visited 2 pubs, both independently run, the alcohol was cheap, the bar staff friendly and they wave you goodbye when you leave, you could wear trainers and locals genuinely sat and chatted with each other. There was no one making a scene getting off their face, everyone was respectful and friendly to one another and not a chav in sight.

If you haven’t gone up to the north of the country, or your visiting from abroad, don’t just stick with London and Windsor, it won’t give you a true picture into what us Brits are really like, just the up their own arse obnoxious ones who look at you threateningly judging you!

To the North- the friendlier place to be!