Day 9 28DW- Alcohol and The Hangover

I went out on Friday with colleagues, friends and himself for a celebration meal and drinks. I don’t often drink; Friday night however was an exception. I got absolutely Fucked. Now I had permission from him to let my hair down, I’m taking this as he’ll make sure I get home in my obliterated state and be there to hold my hair back when I throw my guts up when I get in, so I go forth and conquer the Rose and some amazing Cava/ Brut.

By André Karwath aka Aka (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-2.5 (], via Wikimedia Commons

In the above paragraph I have stated I have gone out for a meal too, this was true, however something happens to me when I drink where I no longer have my ‘must eat everything in sight’. So I’m there sharing a starter with him encouraging him to eat more of it then me. Then the main meal arrives, I knock a glass of fizz over as am so pissed and very expressive with my hands, thankfully I have some wonderful friends who mop up such mess and ensure my glass is promptly topped up. I’m now full after eating half of this, if I was sober I can guarantee I would have eaten the lot so I offer my food to one of my friends who hasn’t liked the dish she ordered (I also told her to order that dish so it is partly my fault), she gratefully receives my plate of food. Now this is where the problem is, I’ve had no stoge to absorb my consumption of booze. This increases the likelihood of throwing up later.

We move onto another pub, I have some water but the damage is already done. I’m talking shit like I’m the oracle of everything, a glass of rose is put down in front of me, I’m still game. People are now leaving to go home, I’m saying my goodbyes. Now this is another problem, I too need to get a train home and he is too very pissed. I’ve checked train times, we need to leave by 11 if we’re going to make it to the station for the last train. I and one of my friends feel the need to do a whole dance routine to Beegees- ‘You should be dancing’- yeah! We are the dogs bollocks.

We leave, he’s on his bike with my bags hanging off the handles I’m running alongside like a dog, veering to the left. My sensor is walk diagonally left, well why not? It’s amusing.

We make the train. I’m sure the other drunken revellers can hear our loud conversation on the train, I’m loud normally and I’m now a fog horn, he too is loud.

We get off the train at the right stop, this is an achievement. We can hear a domestic going on through the housing estate that the station is in. What do I do? Work out which house it’s coming from and walk up to the door, I want to knock on it and tell the bloke to shut the fuck up and I will call the police. I wait a bit longer to see what I can hear and if it requires a phone call to the police. Anyway the bathroom light all of a sudden comes on, there is no crying it appears to have been resolved. I walk away across their front garden and we begin our decent home.

I get in and am so trashed I’m lying on the floor fully clothed half asleep; him wants to carry on and decides to drink whiskey. We watch some shit that I recorded on TV whilst having a very loud discussion, no doubt pissing off my neighbours. I have the need to hurl, I go to the toilet and nothing is coming up and I’m now feeling really ill. We got to bed and I’m like curled up moaning how ill I feel and that I’m going to be sick- although I don’t. He’s out for the count.

I get up the next day and after drinking several glasses of water, feel quite normal. I text people from the previous night and say thanks and am amazed how good I feel all things considered.

Well let me tell you, several hours later after eating and trying to do a few things in the home I feel like shit! I’ve got alcohol shits, feel tired, ratty and can’t function. To top this I have to be somewhere late afternoon, I turn up but am so not with it my hangover has almost ruined the remainder of my weekend. I go home, he cooks a really nice dinner and he felt worse than I did that morning, but so he should he drank far more than me!

We go to bed and here I am today, a day behind with my blog due to being hung over and having no brain power. What I can’t understand is how do people do this each weekend? This is me done for a long long time! Getting pissed ruins the rest of my weekend:

  • I can’t get much if anything done
  • My sleeping pattern is destroyed
  • My glucose levels are erratic, making me feel worse
  • It sets me up badly for the following week

Even today although I feel a lot better, I’m still not right bowel wise. Is there a cure for a hangover other than ‘Say No to Booze’?