Day 3 of 28DW- Microwave Brownie

I think the Great British Bake Off has inspired more of us to start home baking once more. I mean why buy stuff already made when you can have fun baking at home? It’s fun; you can be creative, satisfying that you have made something and a great way to spend your time. Below is a very easy recipe if you’re new to baking, need to sweet craving fix or just want minimal mess.

I’ve seen the below on Twitter and via an email a friend sent a recipe for a microwave brownie, have increased the amount of water usage as I found mine too dry. NB where it says tablespoon, make sure it’s a heaped one.
Equipment you will need:

  • A cup
  • Tablespoon
  • Microwave
  • The recipe:
  • 2x tbl of plain flour
  • 2x tbl of sugar
  • 1x tbl of coco
  • 2x tbl of water
  • 1x tbl of olive oil

Put that in a cup, mix it all together and if it appears too dry add some more water. Stick in the microwave for 1 minute and 40 seconds ..Tada ready to eat.

The ones I have seen online say you can have it with cream, ice cream etc. But me being me I just eat it straight out of the cup as it is. Quick, easy and minimal washing up.
Enjoy and try not to get too hooked into having this several times a day….



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28 Days Writer (28DW)

Pretty much the clue is in the title, myself along with SudoOne and The Resident Weeble are undertaking a challenge to write a blog piece a day for 28 days. Why did we pick February?…Yep that’s right shortest month of the year. Joking aside, the next few months ahead for all 3 of us are a bit more manic than February making it impossible to attempt a blog a day. For me weddings- see previous blog post.

Now I’m not going to promise that every day will be an insightful piece of writing, however it will be entertaining and will be my take on the world.

Myself personally what I am wanting to get from it, is to write more and of course get a following, although if my pieces are bad the latter wont be happening! But if they are ‘Bad’ like the MJ video then I’m happy- shamo.

So The Resident Weeble and SudoOne are you ready? Keyboards at the ready lets dual!