Day 4 of 28DW- Nothing says…

Nothing says I’m a twat more than carrying around a Hollister bag. I loathe this shop and its counter parts; Abercrombie and Gilly Hicks. All 3 are a division of US company Abercrombie and Fitch Co.
Anyone reading this outside of the UK might think I’m being harsh, ‘Why they’re just shops that sell casual wear to young adults/ grown up teens at a reasonable price in normal setting,’ In the UK they’re not. They’re seen as top of the range elitist wear, great brands for kids who are loaded or rather whose parents are loaded.

Now I have over the last 5 years had the misfortune of entering once into each store . The first experience was the Abercombie in London, at the time I was 25 and I was like ‘What the Fuck? Is this for real? Who seriously buys from this sort of place?’ I will now explain why. The setting for the shop is in a really old building which I believe used to be a bank, it’s extremely tasteful and classy from the outside… then the doors swing open to what can be described as a tacky hen night. That’s right roll up roll up, have your photo taken with a ‘hot male model’ except the male looks like he’s just got out of puberty covered in oil. But young ladies and no doubt older ones want a souvenir to take home- something for the Wank Bank older ladies? When you get into the main part of it the place resembles more of a nightclub then an actual shop. The music is so loud that you’re shouting to get heard and you can’t even see where you are going, a strobe would have been more helpful. The result? Panic, get me out of this hell hole now. Everywhere you look there are 16-18 year old girls maximum UK size 8 cavorting around the place in the Abercrombie wear, because if it looks good on them it’s bound to look on you. I mean who doesn’t want to look like a child? The Clothing is under individual lights, there’s no prices on them and forget it if you have boobs or a bum or not a size 8, you won’t be shopping there.
I came out of this and all I could think of was bizarre how on earth does it make any money? Who buys into this sort of shit?


Since that visit I have visited Gilly Hicks and Hollister. Both look the same from the outside, a wooden hut you’d find on a tropical beach in Thailand and discover it’s an amazing bar, disappointment awaits. The noise from the outside might leave you thinking you could go in and order a Sex on the Beech but no you can’t! Same as Abercrombie- scantily clad young women aka teenage girls and more young men with their tops off. Now if you were Katie Price on a hen do, typically British and pissed you would be shouting at these young men to expose more of themselves, ‘Come on get your kit off!’

I’ve had my rant about this now and your thinking but where in god’s name are you going? And I hope you haven’t brought anything from them- I haven’t just for clarification.

Quite simply this: the above named chain of shop gives young people the wrong impression of what makes someone a part of this world. The messages that are projected from the god awful Hollister bags:

  • I love myself and am completely self centred but hey I get women and men into bed therefore I’m a success- Chlamydia
  • Yeah I might look like a twat, but at least I’m tanned, oiled up, tall and lean. Don’t you want to be me? –Not really
  • Want to feel like your one of ‘It crowd?’ Loose some weight, get a tan and then by some of the clothes from this shop- I’ll go and throw up my lunch now and make a start

This shop according to wiki targets the 16-22 audiences. I have known younger boys and girls wanting clothes from these shops because it’s cool (to be seen wondering around with half naked man on your shopping bag)? It sexes up young women and men to a point where it’s border line exploitation. What’s to stop some letch coming in and having a perv and taking the thoughts home with them?

It teaches teenagers the wrong impression, these people who work in these shops aren’t normal people they’re self absorbed, not genuine and simply a clone on the production line. Young people, you are not supposed to look like that in your teens and early 20’s. You are discovering who you are and what makes you, you. Everyone has fashion faux pars, different parts of your body grow at different times, but at the end of it, you will be you and beautiful in your own right. These shops signify to young people that you have to look a certain way in life, well you don’t. Looks fade and then what are you left with?

Fuck All!

Why Fuck All? Because you haven’t had to learn any life lessons and how to work for things and the sense of achievement through your own hard work. Rest assure young people these people will be in the dole line looking haggard by the time they’re 30 with a partner that cheats on them and several kids in tow.

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